Rusty Toned Cactus

Rusty Toned Cactus


AKA // type of Ferocactus Pilosus.

Rusty toned cacti in a matte black pot, what's not to like. A great gift.






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LIGHT // Bright spot, move in and out of direct light to avoid scorching. Give it it's brightest spot for winter.

TEMP // Normal room temp, never let it drop too low. 

HUMIDITY // Low humidity is best. Not one for the bathroom.

WATERING // In summer water approx once a week, let the soil dry out completely between waterings. In winter do not water at all. 

DISLIKES // Over watering! It's almost better for cacti's to be under watered than overwatered. In poorly drained soil the root can get prone to rot. To avoid it you can add some gravel or small stones from local garden centres to place below soil.

TOXIC // Can be if ingested.